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NikotaI'm back from 4 weeks of traveling, now I need to sleep for 3 days
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Ethan Hunt tag  Good to see you Nikota
P3G4SuSuOuT   wb
P3G4SuSuOuT   psssst what you mean you need sleep??? dont you have autopilot on ur ships?
General Jack Oneill tagLogging into teamspeak and arena commander! Feel free to join me if interested. ...this message will self destruct in a few hours...
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[Lt] sarwolf735   jack the detonator is broke.
[Agt] Un1zenOoh whats [Ag] mean thats new?
General Jack Oneill tag  Good to hear from you sir. I hope you are doing well! Feel free to drop in teamspeak with us now and then if interested!
Ethan Hunt tag  Yeah, not sure that abbreviation works. Any other ideas for a short version?
Ethan Hunt tag  You will notice that Ag is now Agt. Better?
[Agt] AppleHello guys. Does anyone know how I could get on to the TeamSpeak server? I am receiving "no permission".
[Agt] Apple   I've clicked it and it says "Insufficient permissions". I'm a member on here so I should be able to access it, but it's not working.
Ethan Hunt tag  I see you logging in as Apple1. I made an adjustment, so it should work if you log in with the same client now.
[Agt] Apple   Thank you!
[Gen] phyankord tagTS[link] here it is! CR finally finished up with S42 and has turned his head over to FPS and the backers! best part is he is finally coming out of the closet and updating us on alot of information regarding the state of arena commander and star marine.
Letter from the Chairman
For the past ten weeks, I have been directing the performance capture shoot for Squadron 42 in London, next week will be the last week of the "main unit" shoot. Directing the Squad...
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Nikota   OH,,Good I was starting to think CR had been abducted by the vandual and forced to redesign there ship.
[Lt] sarwolf735who is getting one.
Introducing the Genesis starliner - Roberts Space Industries
With proprietary NeoG engines, the starliner allows for fuel-efficient duration travel. A pair of remote-operated turrets allow for a good defense, and multiple decks can support e...
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Ethan Hunt tag  Anyone getting one of these?
[Lt] sarwolf735   depending on next month i might but the Misc endovour hospital ship diffantly on my list.
Nikota   I was not going to get one. But I am now down 3 ships and up a Genesis.
[Agt] Apple   registered to Stargate Command
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[Agt] Apple   Thanks guys! I hope to participate a lot with you guys.
Ethan Hunt tag  Welcome Apple!
P3G4SuSuOuT   welcome
[Gov] Kami tagmust have under the crismastree :sick:
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[Gov] Kami tag  the new chipset is named pascal it coms on 16nm wiring at the moment i have 4x Titan black inside, that wil be enough for the next 2-3 years
if it comes out i will get also 4 of them i think the price will be in the same level like my titans round 1000$ per piece

Ethan Hunt tag  I have 3-way 980s, but I have been running them without SLI to see if the 980 can handle AC at 3440x1440 at high quality. Believe it or not, it runs beautifully. I think the 3-way is overkill. Likely this new card will be more than needed too. If I could go back, I would do no more than 2-way SLI 980s.
P3G4SuSuOuT   lol i cant even afford a 980's box :(
[Gen] phyankord tagTSthis is really fun come try it out
Pirate Swarm Mod v0.8 Release * /r/starcitizen
Hello everyone, I am releasing my mod so others can join in on the fun. The mod is still a **WIP** with many improvements, additions to...
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[Sp.] MauZ   check in progress... nice
xnavytc and Spacer19 registered to Stargate Command
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Cottontop   Welcome to the SGC!
Nikota   Welcome, I look forward to flying with you peoples
P3G4SuSuOuT   welcome
[Gen] phyankord tagTSim thinking about selling my hornet package, though it has my alpha access in it. i dont think ill be able to play AC or star marine without it though.
[Lt.] Omenai   Oh yes don't sell Phyan don't seeeeeell
General Jack Oneill tag  Don't recommend it just yet Phyan...might consider upgrading it to a different ship if you want to do that in the near future. I wouldn't suggest risking your alpha access.
[Gen] phyankord tagTS  ide prefer it if i could trade down honestly.
NikotaI just watched the first 2 episodes of Dark Matter. Seams to be a good show, But if anyone has seen it , Do you think it has the feel of Firefly?
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[Sp.] MauZ   hm.. i like it very much the boss lady is so awesome, but it reminded me more on the SG universe film set. i suggest the producer recycled it^^.
did anyone see the killjoy show, that instead reminded me hardly on firefly. idk.. it does not have that quality of fighting choreography like dark matter.
I also recommend the british show Humans and of course Mr.Robot.^^
Ethan Hunt tag  So far, I'm just keeping quiet, it's a developing plot. Love the belly shirt and all the hot looking people. I likely would never qualify on a spaceship because I just don't look like that. :sick: So far, I'm watching though . . .
[Sp.] MauZ   well its a fine bunch of hot canadians, do i like canada more and more...well obviously^^
[En.] spartan-nyleni don't know why but i'm starting to have a bad feeling that Operation Pitchfork, whenever it happens, is going to turn into operation Klendathu.
[Gen] phyankord tagTS  on the contrary i believe it will be the exact opposite based on current information. we dont know much about vanduul ships and weaponry, but what we do know is that they are terrible at combat in space currently. so if they do not receive a MAJOR overhaul in the ai department then they are gonna get more or less completely overwhelmed.
[Gen] phyankord tagTSits official. CiG Calix Reneau wants to make the PTU capable of testing multiple different gimbal/fixed input modifications in order to test multiple different community ideas on how we can move forward on parity for combat.
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[Lt] sarwolf735   is there an word on when star marine is coming out
[Gen] phyankord tagTS  no. no there is not. if i knew i would say so.
Nikota   Soon
[En.] AzikInteresting Video
Star Citizen: Danger Zone (Carrier Based Ships)
Star Citizen: Danger Zone (Carrier based ships) Don't fret! ...
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