Stargate Command

The story of Stargate Command begins…

Not long after the creation of Roberts Space Industries, and in a time of great upheaval and unrest for space minded pilots and explorers everywhere, adventurous spacefarers stepped forward into the darkness of space.  One such heroic group rose from a colony and flotilla, and would soon bear the name Stargate Command (SGC).  It eventually expanded to become a great inter-system power, bearing the same values upon which it was founded, and would contain a brave breed of people from every walk of life and every race. 

No one opinion or ideology was superior to another, but rather a round table format of ideas and direction would come from all tiers and all ranks of officers.  These strategies would have great influence in all aspects of SGC society, and would form the foundation of what would become something great. Thus began the quest and creation of the SGC… 


The flotilla guarding the colony grew strong, consisting of ships and warriors from every known world.  As it grew in power, both the colony and supporting flotilla would function as a seamless cooperative, constantly sending patrols to ward off would-be attackers.  

The founding colonists moved forward tirelessly, appointing strong leaders, both Ethan Hunt and General Oneill.  These two leaders were placed in charge of ensuring that basic fundamental values would be used to shape a great society.  The group worked together to reach out to open minded individuals who were specialists in their own trade, and who spanned every nation and language, with varying connections and growth ideas. 

As the span of control increased in both variety and size, the leaders built the structure upon values of mutual respect and dignity towards all.  The ranks expanded to include new combat pilots, miners, explorers, bounty hunters, craftsmen, mechanics, merchants, and countless others.  Planet by planet, faction by faction, the great SGC took cohesive shape.  The various ships, expertise, and camaraderie within the SGC brought them all to the very edges of known space.  Then they met an old foe….the Vanduul.

It was thought that a diplomatic solution was possible, so the leaders decided to reach out and engage the destructive foe.  They became known as the Vanduul, a ruthless race of warriors that still appeared to have little sense of the value of life.  Yet, the values of the SGC mandate that all be given ample room to express their cultural views and that if possible, each people would have the right to join this great cooperative as long as they were willing uphold justice and respect the rights of others.

Ethan Hunt tried rigorously to see if any of their people would care to join us in a pact of peace and friendship. Unsure if the Vanduul did not understand his language or whether they were still bitter from their defeat long ago, he turned but for a moment to look at his fellow leader by his side, General Jack Oneill.  In that moment, and without the slightest hesitation or afterthought, the Vanduul leader leapt into the sky and slammed both feet into Ethan Hunt sending him flying across the room. The Vanduul then quickly ran up to the stunned leader, pinning him to the floor and drawing his dagger to bear down with all of his wrath. At that moment, the Vanduul let out a horrendous howl.

With barely a second to spare, General Jack Oneill grabbed hold of the dagger as it came bearing down on Ethan.  Wresting away the dagger, Oneill was able to save his friend from certain doom and dispatched the Vanduul.  Upon hearing the piercing howl of rage in the night, ten other nearby Vanduul came running in to exterminate those who came seeking only peace. 

Side by side, Hunt and Oneill held the line with these Vanduul warriors, until they were able to escape back to the fleet.  A great battle ensued when wave after wave of Vanduul fighters and carriers jumped into the system.  If not for the capable pilots of the SGC, along with its imposing fleet ...the battle may have ended very differently. In the end, the SGC prevailed that day in all its glory, and was able to continue with its quest.


Stargate Command – Brings A New Day of Freedom!

Ethan Hunt and General Jack Oneill, now each with a Vanduul dagger by his side, decided to learn as much as possible of the new found threat in these deep, dark recesses of space.  Upon keen observation and information, they learned of the Vanduul hierarchy and the role in which it played. 

Thus, it was at that moment, that their official roles as Occuri within Stargate Command was founded, with the single intent that through the same vigilance and determination shown by the Vanduul to destroy peace, the SGC would fight to uphold freedom, justice and dignity of all peoples.  And it would be through using these new titles of office that a warning would sound for the Vanduul and all other would-be opponents of peace.  Stargate Command would not tolerate such threats to freedom!

The leaders felt that all cultures and peoples joining Stargate Command should be heard and respected, and that peace and cooperation would grow by being willing to serve the needs others.  Thus they built a governing council that would lead the cooperative while incorporating the best of what these many cultures offered into a seamless community.  The High Council was born with the mission of building a fair and just organization.  It would be responsible to lead by example, to consider the ideas and needs of the people it governs, and to construct an organization geared to uphold high standards of community.

The next chapter awaits…